Preparing an InfoSec Presentation

Ever since being accepted to the Proving Grounds in the BSides Las Vegas 2013 edition, I have been toying with the idea of documenting the process of putting this presentation together as a way of helping me putting the ideas that I need on paper before evolving them into their final form.

I am obviously very excited to be presenting, but also a little scared, specially because:

  • It has been some time (+2 years) since I had to present to a large InfoSec audience. The audience was very different as well, so that adds to the unfamiliarity.
  • I have never presented a talk on Machine Learning before, being a relative newcomer to the subject myself. I am not really sure how to make it interesting, specially for a crowd that potentially is hungry for “0day” and “pwns”

But the most terrifying thing is that this time I seem to CARE more about it, being my research and all. Not that I didn’t appreciate the other talks I did but I was mostly regurgitating information from other people and trying to make it pleasant to the viewers. Now I would like them to care for my research also.

Should be an interesting experience. Stay tuned.


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